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Frequently Asked Questions

What shipping methods do you use?

Finest Cigars ship all packages via FedEx, EMS and Priority Mail.

Where are the packages ship from?

All packages are ship from Europe and America through, Fedex or EMS depending of the stock availibility and the country of destination.

How long will my order take to arrive to my location?

The delivery time estimated to countries from the Southeast of Asia will take around 30 days, the rest of the world is estimated to take between 30 days, however delayed shipments or any other inconveniences may happen, most of the times caused by Domestic Customs offices, in that case FINESTCIGARS.COM will have no responsability in regards foreign Customs procedures.

Every customer should be fully aware of their local customs procedures and taxations, and should therefore cover any additional costs in regards taxation issues.

To what countries does FINEST CIGARS ship?

We are able to ship worldwide, however FINESTCIGARS.COM will not assume any responsability for Domestic Customs taxation, delayed shipments or customers errors such as incorrect or insufficient addess information provided by the customer.

All clients should be aware that Tobacco Importation Laws and taxations may vary from one country to another. Should one country have restrictions in regards tobacco importation, FINESTCIGARS.COM will not be able to deliver the packages.

What guarantee do I have of receiving my package?

FINESTCIGARS.COM offers the best guarantee. If after standard time of delivery the package has not been received, we will proceed with an investigation and reship your order or if prefered we will reimburse full amount of the order.

However, clients should be fully aware that delays may happen due to local customs procedures which are totally out of FINESTCIGARS.COM control.

All countries have different taxation systems, therefore FINESTCIGARS.COM will not refund orders declined by the clients in order to avoid taxation. We are not responsible of Domestic Customs taxations.

What payment methods do you accept?

FINESTCIGARS.COM offers only major and worldwide known credit cards, such as VISA, JCB and AMERICAN EXPERSS ( AMEX ). Every order paid using this credit cards will be procesed as a very first transaction in regards credit card information since for security reasons its forbidden by FINESTCIGARS.COM to keep in records this kind of sensitive information. We appeal for all clients comprehension in regards this matter, its for your own security and protection!

How soon can I enjoy my cigars after receiving them?

FINESTCIGARS.COM strongly recommends the stabilization process. As we all know tobacco is a living matter that gets stressed after transportation due to abrupt changes in humidity and temperature. Letting the cigars rest for at least 3 weeks in your humidor will guarantee a full recovery of taste, humidity, burn, draw and therefore maxime their quality. Not following this procedure may cause a loss of quality and taste.

How does FINESTCIGARS.COM ship the packages?

We guarantee that all packages are going to be received not only in a timely manner but in perfect conditions. We use professional procedures in order to wrap and seal all packages and mantein freshness and prevention of possible damages.

All cigars are ship within their original boxes and with all original rings and stamps. ***We ship in original boxes to most countries. To avoid any problems with some country customs, we will send Cigars separate from the Rings and the original box.

Why is it that cuban cigar prices vary so much from one cigar shop to another?

Many factors impact the pricing of Cuban cigars among the different web sites but the most common factor would be taxation and authorized suppliers pricing. Been a online cuban cigar shop allows us to buy to many authorized suppliers worldwide, therefore to offer very competitve prices. Besides, our location in Switzerland in a duty-free zone allows us to have affordable prices for 100% real cuban cigars. We DO NOT reimbursed orders declined by customers that simply dont want to pay taxes. Once again, we can´t be fully aware of each Domestic Customs Office around the world.

What is the minimum order amount allowed?

FINESTCIGARS.COM allows you to order as little or as much boxes you want. The only thing that we do not offer are individual sticks.